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10 Life Changing Skills Developed in Meditation

Posted on 6 May, 2015 at 17:45

1) The skill of being able to consciously relax. Using deep breathing and awareness of tension in the body can develop the ability to actually release tension and built up stress in muscles. Being able to ‘relax at will’ is an incredibly useful tool in the modern era.


2) The ability to focus. The skill of being able to focus on something like your breath or a mantra with your full attention without being distracted develops the skill of clear focus.


3) Remaining undisturbed by thoughts. The skill of allowing thoughts to pass without either fighting them or believing in them is very empowering and the beginning of gaining control over your own mind.




4) Concentration. Being able to focus on an object without being distracted develops attention and concentration and a strong and stable mind.


5) Being the witness. The ability to be able to observe things without judging or reacting to them. This is the beginning of a peaceful and open mind.


6) Introspection. The ability to observe your own inner states of awareness, thoughts and feelings, This is an important skill to be able to see connections between thoughts and feelings. Introspection also helps to discern the difference between a clear mind and a thinking mind and also to be aware of your intentions.


7) Mindfulness. The skill to pay attention carefully to what your doing. Within meditation this skill holds your mind to your object and is similar to concentration. In your daily life mindfulness helps to pay attention to the present situation.


8) Just being. Meditation develops the skill of just being, total mental relaxation, or being in the present moment without trying to change it or escape it. This fosters the ability to accept things the way they are.


9) Open mindedness. Meditation develops the important skill of an open mind. The ability to stay non judgemental and look at things without pre-conceived ideas. This also encourages spontaneity and creativity; learning to see things as if for the first time.


10) Intuition. The skill of knowing what’s appropriate and finding a flow and balance in any situation. Intuition is the skill of non-verbal knowing to be clear of a direction or choice without relying an any external authority. This is the beginning of trusting your own wisdom.

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