Mastering Consciousness

Posted on February 2, 2015 at 6:05 PM

We are always consciousness. We are conscious beings, consciousness is the basis that allows for all experiences to happen, it’s the very fabric of our existence. And yet we think of ourselves as so many other things without seeing the obvious that we are consciousness itself. Consciousness is another name for Awareness, which has been pointed out by many meditation masters as our true identity.

Eastern philosophy teaches that our consciousness gets caught in strong emotions and obsessive thinking. This constricts consciousness into a narrow band of re-occurring confusion and limited perspective. Meditation untangles these narrow perspectives and frees consciousness into its natural state of open awareness.

zzzkdiushsSome Masters say the idea of meditation is to expand your consciousness out to include everything that is happening in the present moment and not just restrict it to our own thoughts, judgements, and selfish pursuits.

The Meditation Masters say to become self aware or aware of awareness or conscious of consciousness is paramount. Being constantly caught in thoughts, opinions personal troubles we ignore our very own nature instead just ‘think’ we know who we are through these stories and thoughts.

So to become conscious you are consciousness which is recognising your identity as an ‘unbounded radiance’ full of pure potential, is the ultimate goal of meditation. Becoming enlightened to your conscious nature.

Start by reclaiming your conscious attention by lightly and intentionally focussing on the breath and notice how you will resist this by constantly getting caught in thoughts and emotions. This shows that you are not in control of your own conscious attention and also that you forget who you are.

After you can stabilise your attention you can begin to investigate its nature and start the journey of self discovery and awakening to your true unbounded self.

NAMASTE _/\_ I recognise that you are the same as me; Consciousness.


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