How Our Higher-Selves Work

Posted on January 2, 2015 at 4:00 PM

Understanding the nature of our Higher-Selves (aka Oversouls) is essential to living a whole and fulfilling Spiritual life. Each one of us have a higher-self and by being in contact with it, we reach new heights of consciousness. Here’s a detailed explanation of How Our Higher-Selves Work…


We are all branches, extensions and nodes of Oneness. We live in a holographic reality of various level of spheres vibrating, reverberating and communicating at various levels of existence.


Imagine as though God or Source is the trunk of a great tree. We are all branches or root extensions of that tree. Imagine as though we are the skinny twigs on the outer edges of the tree that connects to the leaves. In this analogy, our Oversoul or Higher-Selves are the next larger and broader branches for which we are connected to, that lead us all the way back to the trunk or “Source.” These broader branches tend to have more unadulterated consciousness, information and bandwidth available. Yet the higher-up you climb the consciousness ladder, the higher-vibration and less physical this consciousness.


Here’s an image to help visualize this framework for our Higher-Selves.


Our Higher-Selves can be connected to many embodied aspects of itself. This means we often share Higher-Selves with other people, both in this experience of time and in previous and later experiences of time. Our Higher-Selves are not bound to time like we are, and they experience all incarnations that they are existing in simultaneously. Our Higher-Self is also serving as the conscious server for other Worldly incarnations, existing as other galactic beings and forms of consciousness in our Universe.


When we incarnate on Earth a certain character/archetype/personality of our Higher-Self consciousness chooses to come into a human body, and take on an additional personality program to adapt to Earth and our collective consciousness. This what we traditionally call an ego or personality.


By the way, it’s worth noting our ego isn’t bad. It’s actually 100% essential to our existence and the goal isn’t to kill it off to return to our Higher-Self. It’s to refine it and harmonize it with our Higher-Self, and for us to deprogram and cut away what we don’t need. That’s what is often referred to as an ego-death.


Is our Higher-Selves our Collective Consciousness? Not quite. Our collective consciousness consists of our group personality consciousness on Earth, and a certain level of our Higher-Self consciousness that is rendered into this reality. The entirety of our Higher-Self consciousness is not made available into the collective consciousness, although it can be. This is part of our Spiritual mission on this planet, to bring our Higher-Selves to the forefront of our existence.


Our Higher-Selves are meant to be our best friends and the wise-one over our shoulder who we can always seek solace and an eager listening ear. It’s usually the one you are always seeking when you feel lost. It’s the sense of being watched when you are alone that feels comforting. It’s the one that coats you in tingly unconditional love when you lay down and have a moment after a long day.


Our Higher-Selves are asking for us to be in continuous communication with them once more. They are always present for us and they are seeking for us to be engaged in a more conscious dialogue with them to assist in steering the timeline we desire to create for our Earth. This communication can happen through feeling, direct dialogue and really all forms of sensory perception. Our Higher-Selves are coming online in our lives and this reaching critical mass is, well, critical to our survival as a species.


Here’s an Activity to Connect to your Higher-Self:

Create a Relationship to you Higher-Self. Call it into a meditative space and begin a conversation. Relax and don’t take it too seriously. Ask questions, get support, tell stories. You’ll be amazed at the information you receive. Open up and feel.

Write down your insights afterward and keep track of, what I call, your relays.


Your Higher-Self can assist you with things effortlessly. It can bring the perfect people and resources into your life at the perfect moment, inducing a life of perfected synchronicity and welcomed challenge. Remember our Higher-Self reminds us that we are here to learn lessons, as they are here to learn lessons through us, and this whole system is set-up very carefully to induce these life lessons so, well, Bless It & the Process!


And Remember! As Our Higher-Selves come online we are attuned to the ever-expanding energy of the Universe. True singularity. We are the dreamers of dreams. Massive Love!

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