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Some medicinal uses of snake gourd

Posted on 8 October, 2014 at 2:40

Hi everyone.  How are you all today?

The snake gourd is in the same family as cucumbers and pumpkin vines.  It is best grown up a trallis or along a fence rather than along the ground as the fruit can rot in wet humid conditions.  The plants love to climb.  It's fruits look like light green striped snakes.  The fruit grows to about 2 metres long and 5cm diametre.  When the fruit reaches maturity, the skin turns into a bright orange.  This fruit has had a long history dating back to the Han dynasty.  The fruit was used to clear phlegm and coughs, to strenghten the lungs, diabetes, angina pectoris, to eliminate dysentery and other colon bacteria, stimulate the intestines, constipation, clear mastitis and increase milk production for mum's.  Scientific research has highlighted the potential of the plant protein compound Q. (trichosanthin), derived from the root, to stip HIV replication in T-cells and kill HIV - infected macrophages.  The trichosanthin can selectively kill cells that harbour the AIDS virus but they do not destroy healthy cells.

Have a lovely day or night.  Love, Peace and Healing to you all.

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