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Boost Immune system Naturally & Boost Immunity Part 2

Posted on September 9, 2014 at 4:55 PM

Herbs and the Immune System-Like any part of the body, the immune system gets stronger the more it is feed healing benefits from herbs and plants. Over-use of antibiotics can lead to a lazy immune system, antibiotic resistance and/or yeast overgrowth. Combine this with a weak immune system and the outlook can be grim if a really serious infection occurs. There are many very effective herbal medicines for bacterial, viral and fungal infections. Other herbs can be used to stimulate the immune system when necessary. No resistance seems to develop against herbal remedies and they support the healing process rather than suppress it. Reducing Stress:- Even in medical circles, stress is now known to cause many illness and lower the immunity within us all. Your adrenal glands must be healthy for you to mount an effective response against any challenge- including disease. Stress, worry and anxiety all deplete your adrenal glands. There are many herbs and flower essences which act as adrenal tonics and assist during times of stress. Don't forget to take time out to relax, Meditation is also known to reduce stress, worries, anger, anxiety,etc and bring peace and harmony to the individual if practice on a daily basis. Do what makes you truly happy and live your life from the knowing and not from the mind. Light, Love and Harmony to you all and my peace be your friend and follow you where-ever you may travel on your journey of inner discovery of self. Namaste. By Lesley


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