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Boost Immune system Naturally & Boost Immunity Part 1

Posted on 8 September, 2014 at 16:55

Hi how are you all, having a magical day/night, let peace and harmony flow though you always. There are many disease we can do without if we eat healthy, wise and feed our spirit. When the Immune system is healthy we are one step closer in seeing how important, the Immune system to our journey through life. CLEAN LYMPHATICS- Your lymphatic system picks up metabolic wastes and environmental toxins from throughout your body and excretes them through your skin or bowel. When your "glands are up"(your lymph nodes are swollen ) this is a sign they have gathered an amount of toxic waste ( i.e they are doing their job ). When you get sick your lymph nodes help isolate the infection. As the infection passes they should slowly and safely excrete their wastes. Unfortunately, in modern times we have many toxins in our body which it was never designed to deal with so the lymphatic system is often permanently congested and sluggish. Exercise helps pump lymph and clean this system through sweating. To cleans the lymphatic system there are specific herbs which can achieve this. Check our web page on food and health for more information at  HEALTHY BLOOD:- "DIRTY BLOOD" is a naturopathic term referring to blood laden with waste products. Iron deficiency can contribute to this. Good iron levels are necessary to oxygenate all the cells in the body and to burn out infection. The long terms effects of low iron levels are potentially very serious. For Vegetarians to get your iron intake know your lintels and vegetables. Light, Love and Harmony to you all, may peace be your friend and follow you always. NAMASTE TO YOU, HAVE A BEAUTIFUL JOURNEY. By Lesley


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