Medicinal uses of Lady's Bedstraw (herb)

Posted on September 3, 2014 at 2:30 AM

Only grows 5-20 cm high and has a sprawling habit.  This herb is used to treat many health issues including: burns, scalds, skin conditions, nose bleeds, internal bleeding, epilepsy, hysteria and gall stones.

Lady's Bedstraw tea is drunk for clearing the pancreas, kidneys, spleen, liver and lymph system of toxins.  The tea is also for weightloss, firming the skin, purifying the blood and cancer of the mouth, tongue, throat, larynx and skin.

An onitment made out of Lady's Bedstraw is good for ulcers, wounds, boils, sores, blackheads, tendons, cartilage, swollen painful joints, psoriasis and ligaments. 

Lady's Bedstraw is also used for medical conditions associated with the urinary tract.

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