GINSENG and its uses

Posted on August 29, 2014 at 12:25 AM

Hi how are you all living a life full of happiness and peace, show an animal kindness and look into their eyes they know and understand, just for to-day show an animal or someone some kindness and see how you feel on the inside, lets bring joy and peace back into our heart and feel all the love mother nature has. To-day herb is GINSENG please enjoy


Here are some plant and herb information the doctors don't tell you about.


Remember only plants have the natural healing ability to help keep our immune system healthy, enabling us to fight off disease in our bodies and keep everything in balance. The only way disease can cause harm to us is when our immune system is low or stressed out. When we go to the supermarkets, such as Coles, Woolworths the food offered to us is usually from hybrid seeds or GMO that has been sprayed in pesticides. The fruit and veg has no goodness whatsoever that is good for mankind, this is why we are getting sick and sicker. If you look around we may be ageing and living longer, but how many people are medically-free and having a good life? Most people I see are in some form of pain and why? "We Are What We Eat. We Are What We Think."




Ginseng is traditionally used in Asian countries. In Asia, it is one of the most prescribed herbs. It is esteemed as a general adaptogen and restoring tonic for just about any ailment of the body. This belief is reflected in the plants genus name, panax, from 'pan' meaning all and 'akos' meaning remedy. The common name 'ginseng' is said to mean the wonder of the world. Ginseng, has been called the most precious, and expensive herbal remedy used in China for over 5000 years. Throughout history, ginseng has been used to increase stamina, to build up resistance to the may stresses of daily life, whether mental, physical or biological, to prevent and treat coronary heart disease, cancer prevention and treatment, nourish the blood and strengthen the endocrine glands, improve eyesight and organ function, including the digestive system, relieve depression, asthma, colds, constipation, hepatitis, digestive disorders, impotence, frigidity, fevers, hemorrhaging, Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, radiation sickness, detox the liver, sharpen memory and attention span, normalize blood pressure, and to improve resistance to infections. The ginseng root has a sweet taste similar to licorice with a touch of bitterness. Research shows the herb provides stimulation of the immune system. You can grow ginseng yourself. But the plant requires cold climatic conditions, with cold winters. Or you can go and see a naturopath or a herbalist.


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