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Hello everyone. I hope you all had a great day or night. Gotu Kola is a medicinal herb known for centruries. Some of the health issues that can be treated with Gotu Kola include: leprosy and tuberculosis, relieving the pain of rheumatism and arthristis, add, eczema, asthma, insomnia, high blood pressure, influenza, diabetes, baldness and hair loss, depression, candida, stomache upsets, herpes, hepatitis, intestinal worms, dermatitis, tingling in the legs, stimaulates centeral nervous system, failing eyesight, bowel disorders and for many other health issues. A legendary saying, in reference to gotu kola was: '2 leaves a day, keeps old age away'. Gotu Kola has been called 'a pharmacy is one herb'. There was a Chinese Herbalist Professor Li Chung Yun, who lived to the age of 256 years. He strongly recommended the use of Gotu Kola and ginseng. Some of the other things he taught his students included: one should never be in a hurry, take is easy, take your time. Sit as calmly as a tortoise, walk as sprightly as a bird, and sleep as soundly as a dog. He advocated avoiding extremes of emotion of all kinds, especially as a person grows older, as nothing drains energy from the body as rapidly, or disrupts the functional harmony of vital organs, as completely, as stress or strong outbursts of emotion. Deep breathing was important along with primarily a vegetarian diet. He also mentioned doing daily physical exercise. But you must understand that between 1677 and 1933, physical exercise would have been so different to how a lot of people exercise today. Phyisical exercise back then could have meant going for a walk for 20 minutes. I grow Gotu Kola myself. It is an easy plant to look after. Unless you try these things and experiment for yourself, how do you know? It is all about experience. I wish for all humans to experience unconditional love, peace and harmony during your lifetime. by Lesley

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