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Spiritual Development with Meditation
On a weekly basis every Tuesday at 7pm

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Tuesday 20th of  December 2016 till  Tuesday 14th february 2017 when we start our spiritual and meditation on a weekly basis so stay tuned in to this space. Namaste 2U all

Special Guest Speaker :-  Dr.Dhanwantari Jha
This week talk will be on Ayurveda / Yoga part 3

Dr Dhanwantari Jha who has a long lineage in Ayurveda his parents and grandmother are ayurvedic Doctors. Dr Dhanwantari has a Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery from Hebei Medical University. This took 5 years to complete. Afterwards, he completed a Bachelors in Ayurveda from Gujarat Ayurved University.  With a background of Ayurveda physicians in my family I wish to take Ayurveda to new heights. With an intent to teach the real Ayurveda and Yoga to the world I am in a process of establishing a network all around the world where we can spread this "Science of Life" for the betterment of Mankind. He has been working as a Doctor since early 2015. Obviously, the topic will be Ayurveda part 3, yoga and meditation.  Enjoy. 

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Journey into Enlightenment is a series of special guest speakers who share their wisdom and knowledge for the benefit of others so we can all learn and grow from each other. Each special guest speaker talks on his/her subject for about 45 min "Check their profile below". Then we have a break for a few minutes for people to get ready for Meditation. Through meditating on a regular basis, it will  bring us back to a more balanced life and feel at peace with ourselves.  Meditation goes for about 30 mins.  Many studies  have found many benefits for meditation:-e.g Release Stress,Sleep better, make clearer choices in our lives, live longer and live a happier life in general. Meditation can cure depression,anger, stress, burdens and many other modern diseases through meditation on a daily basis.

Journey into Enlightenment runs for approx 90 min

Below are our guest speakers check them out?

Special Guest Speaker :-Beverley Whish-Wilson

Bowen Therapist

This week talk will be on Bowen therapy and its benefits

Diploma and advanced Diploma in Bowen Therapy. Years of experience in Natural Therapies and Eastern Traditions.
Self-employed January 2012 – Present (5 years)
Bowen association australia Diploma and advanced diploma,

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Special guest speaker :-Casey Hammer from the greater San Diego Area, USA. 

The topic is Feng Shui. She has had over 16 years experience. She is the owner of Dragon Devas Feng Shui Consulting. She is the author of her biography "Surviving My Birthright".

Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese practise which teaches that everything is alive, connected, and always changing. It emphasizes the importance of placement of objects in your surroundings to enhance energy flow, harmony, balance, health, relationships and prosperity in your life. 

The meditation follows the interview. Enjoy.

Caseys' website is

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Special Guest Speaker :- Kristin North from Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast, Australia.  The topic will be Bowen Therapy. She has had over 17 years experience in bowen therapy, remedial/sports massage and as a beauty therapist. She is the owner of Northstar Healing Therapies.  She is a trainer and assessor for Bowen Training Australia with over 4 years experience.

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Susan Morgan from Greater Boston Area, USA. The topic is dreams and dreaming. She has had over 20years experience in this field. She is owner and teacher at the Mystic Dream Centre. She is an author at the Power of Dreams. She is also an Author of The Mystic Dream Journal. She has been a past host of the award winning Comcast Show: The Mystic Dream Show.  The meditation follows the interview. Enjoy.

Susans' website is

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