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Welcome to this amazing Journey to INDIA, where we have designed this specifically for you in mind, as it gives the complete Mind- Body-Soul experience through this carefully designed trip. You will have many individual experiences; from spending two nights in different ashrams, visiting many temples, sightseeing, indulging in tasting exotic, traditional meals, attending the Navratri Dance festival, spend time on a farm with an authentic,traditional meal, and later, try learning the Navratri dance moves and displaying your prowess on the dance floor . Also, learning Ayurveda, Traditional Real Yoga, spending time with Ty Walking Deer, a Universal Shaman/Shamanic Healer with over 35 yrs experience, learning the magical side of yourself and connecting with energies around us all. We have two ways you can enjoy this adventure of a lifetime. 1. The course only, the total cost is $1,799.00p.p., for the 18 day Spiritual Experience. 2. The course, plus airfares and extra days, a total of 21 days of Spiritual Bliss. Total $3,159p.p.


1. Deeper insights to ancient wisdom, shamanic ceremonies, healing techniques, deep meditation and inner peace.

2. Understanding of Ayurveda and Ancient Traditional Yoga with a certificate being issued for each course attended.

3. Spending two nights at different Holy Ashrams, (a small donation for our stay at each ashram may be required from each person).

4. Sightseeing the amazing Temples, trying Traditional Food, visiting the Traditional Markets. All will captivate you and provide a wonderful experience to remember.

5. Meditation done on a daily basis to help you feel the benefits and deepen your experience of our stay.

6. Spend time with an International Shamanic Healer, Journeyman and Shaman with over 35 yrs of experience Ty Walking Deer.

7. Have an amazing time at the Navratri Dance Festival, which goes for 9 days, and have fun learning the dance moves of an ancient dance.

8. A farm stay with a traditional family meal, and more fun, dancing the night away with more practice on the Navratri dance moves .

9. On Gandhi's Birthday we are visiting the Ashram where Gandhi stayed for a very long time to run India's freedom movement.

10. Time for you to do more sightseeing or buy some special gifts.

11. Most of all at the end, you'll find the real you with inner peace and awareness for all things great and small, with an inner calmness that you can feel and treasure for the rest of your life.

12. Tools and experiences that will last your lifetime.

13. Gaining wisdom from two amazing teachers with a long lineage from Ayurvedic and traditional yoga Dr Dhanwantari Jha and his wife  Dr. Nidhi D. Jha   

Special Australian Package

21 Days we Leave from Brisbane & Return to Brisbane flying Singapore Airlines

We leave Brisbane on 14th September, 2017 from Brisbane International Airport at 9.10am, arriving at Ahmedabad, India on 14/9/2017 at 9.35pm with a stopover of 3 hrs at Singapore Changi Airport. An amazing international airport to see! We will have a night stay at  Hotel Kalash Residency where we will have a free day on the 15th, where you can relax or go sightseeing around Ahmedabad until 2.30-3pm where we will all meet up with the rest of the group at Ahmedabad Airport, to be taken to the Ayurvedic Institute for the start of the course.  

Returning:- We have an extra night stay at the Ayurvedic Institute so you have plenty of time for special gifts, sightseeing or just relaxing and taking it all in.

We leave for Ahmedabad Airport at 8pm on the 3/10/2017, and arrive back at Brisbane Airport at 7.30pm on 4/10/2017.

What this package does cover:-

1. Airfares Departure Tax and all other taxes paid for. We are flying Singapore Airlines.

Any enquiries, please contact Bianca Rack- email: or phone:- (07) 5455 6422

2. Most meals.

3. 18 Days/17 Nights course.

4. Extra 2 Nights accommodation

5. More spare time for you to enjoy this magical place or to go shopping for souvenirs and gifts.

6. For more information check itinerary for course details.   click here

What this Package does not cover:-

1. Visa for India-please go to your travel agent, at least 2 months before to get your Visa done.

2. Some meals are not included. Meals are very cheap in India so don't worry. Bring spending money for buying a Garba dress for Festival and for anything else you may want to spend money on (gifts, nik naks, memorabilia, etc).

3. Travel Insurance:- You can contact  Bianca Rack from Flight Centre for a special price for those that are travelling with the special package. Bianca's contact details: phone (07) 5455 6422 or email 

 What we need now from you is a commitment as we only have now 10 places left for this amazing Special Australian offer, so don't miss out on this exciting trip, as we have been overwhelmed with the response so far, and we are only taking a small group of 20 over with us. Those first with names and deposits will secure their spot. 

Three things we need from you A.S.A.P

1. Names as per Names on Passport and a photo copy of Passport details.

2. Deposit paid before 1st June.

3. Address and location.

Full price for trip needs to be fully paid by 1st of July 2017. Thank you all. Namaste 2U all. 

Contact Ty for any information you may need to know or answer any queries that you have to help you decide to join us on this spiritual adventure of a lifetime.

Group will be made up from:- Two Choices 

 Australian Special Package or for course only and make their own way there.

30 total. We have had a great response, not many places left. 

Don't miss out. We have our minimum number and it will be going ahead! Namaste 2U all

To secure your spot for this exotic Spiritual Trip to India:  you will need a deposit or full payment. 

For the Special Australian Package.

Deposit $459.00p.p or Full Price $3,159.00 p.p

Deposit by 1/3/2017.

The 18 Day/17 Nights Course Package only.

Deposit $299.00p.p or Full Price $1,799.00p.p.

Deposit by 1/6/2017. 

For Deposits/ Full Payments Click below

Contact Details for Trip To India

Skype contact:- Ty Walking DEER


Phone:- 07 5488 6182

Postal Address

PO Box 223 

Imbil, QLD, 4570